GoodHands Information

Welcome to GoodHands
GoodHands International is structured as a social enterprise to solve human problems in society with the power of creative and innovative social businesses. GoodHands works together with partners, volunteers, and community members to fight global poverty, hunger, economic hardship and disadvantages in education on both a local and international scale. GoodHands is using preferred eco-social solutions to accomplish the tasks of sufficiency and sustainability.

Activities and Interests
•  Social business centers for commercial and residential need
•  Technology Center for design and product development
•  Manufacturing, fair trade and sale of products and services
•  Integration of new innovative businesses by partner cooperation
•  International cooperation with inventors for project investment
•  Provision of vocational education preferred for women in need

GoodHands International, Inc. is registered with the Florida Department of State as Florida Non Profit Corporation under the Document Number N08000008605 and FEI/EIN Number 300503958.