Frequent Asked Questions About Partnerships

The GOODHANDS ASSISTANCE ALLIANCE (GAA) is an international social network to help suffering populations, disadvantaged adolescents, helpless children, and especially women in need. GAA was established by the nonprofit organization GOODHANDS INTERNATIONAL INC as an online platform to unite partners and members with their resources. International management by the GoodHands organization enables coordinated collaboration for the common mission and its projects. The main partners are aid organizations, human rights associations, educational institutions, cooperatives, social enterprises and like-minded companies. The partners also work with GoodHands volunteer members.

If you want to have few partner obligations, then the Basis Partnership (A) for Communication and Outreach is a simple solution. In this case we ask you to send us information that you can find at
All other types of partnerships (B to I) include active collaboration for the common goals and the various development projects, In this case we ask you to send us information that you can find at
If you are a company, then please review the following information at

With the information received, we can present you online in the PARTNERS section and the appropriate country directory. See as example
If you have specific questions at this time, please write to
If you are located in Africa you can also contact and question Cynaidah Mideva in Kenya

The cooperation for the different projects takes place in the GOODHANDS FORUM. We will send the login information to the representative of the partner organization or partner company. The forum has a public area for information available to website visitors. The non-public area consists of different groups that are only visible to registered members and after login. Within the forum, members can also communicate directly with others.

The ONLINE COLLABORATION of the registered GoodHands partners and members includes the following topics and projects: Technical improvement of communication, basic education, vocational education, competence courses, empowerment for women and youth, health, Corona affair, care, nutrition, human rights, energy, water, agriculture and farming. Furthermore, communications and coordinated outreach for the growth of our social network. The results are available to the partners and members through a knowledge and advisor archive for their own local projects.

GOODHANDS is not a foundation that can support the partners of the network through funds and donations. The free GoodHands service is the provision of the online platforms and their administration in order to enable effective and successful international collaboration for a common goal. However, GoodHands will also use its own competent employees to support the network partners and members logistically and with individual advice.

GOODHANDS INTERNATIONAL special concern and own main project is the international help for women in need. There are masses of forgotten women who are oppressed and live their life without hope. We therefore have to stimulate and motivate affected women to create alliances for self-help, education and empowerment. These are private women's initiatives that are guided and supported by GoodHands directly and also with the help of certain network partners. Partners who want to support this important development project should let us know.

The partnership type (E) LOCATION HOSTING & SOCIAL BUSINESS has the following objectives. GoodHands development concepts and self-sufficient solutions should be distributed as quickly as possible to help many women in need. Open-minded and motivated network partners can help effectively with free location and project hosting. This means a small work area within the partner facility to carry out the GoodHands project. The partner organization should be integrated through collaboration.
Part of this project is supposed to be Social Business in order to support the female program participants. This program can also be of interest to partner organizations because of vocational training and work. What is meant is the professional empowerment of young people, which has an important role in many organizations. If you are interested in this kind of cooperation, let us discuss it.