Welcome to GoodHands

Vision & Strategy
GoodHands, as Social Enterprise, has a clear vision. Develop and establish a self-help solution for people in need. The holistic strategy of GoodHands involves partnerships with open-minded companies (corporate social responsibility) as well network cooperation with motivated people (volunteers) and organizations which have a similar task. Our organization has also founded a network project called GoodHands Alliance To Empower Women to unite helpful resources. The GoodHands social business solution is self-sufficient for unlimited growth.
Products & Services
GoodHands Nonprofit Corporation offers products and services for commercial, residential and personal use. The GoodHands Business Center is a one stop shop for all your service needs. Every connected service provider is screened, checked and guaranteed to surpass your needs. The GoodHands development of new products, technologies and solutions generates extra capacities for more jobs and skills training. Call GoodHands and get the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with working with a trustworthy, customer service oriented company, whose mission is to help others in the community.
Women & Empowerment
GoodHands is on a mission to give women in distress the resources they need for self-empowerment. When a woman knows she has a safe place to stay, job training and potential employment, her world opens up and becomes a much brighter place. Many of these women come from situations that left them feeling powerless. GoodHands is the step for them to get back on their feet and create durable stabilization of their future life. This program is supported by the network GoodHands Alliance For Women Empowerment, where people, companies and organizations work together to support for women in distress.